Consulting /

  • Strategy
  • Business Architecture
  • Partnership / Alliance

Market Entry
(to Japan, to overseas)

  • Strategy
  • Market Research
  • Agile Team Building
  • Sales / Distribution Building
  • Market Research
  • Agile Team Building
  • Sales / Distribution Building


  • Business Review
  • Strategy
  • New Business Incubation
  • Pipeline Building
  • Sales Lead Expansion
  • Partnership / Alliance Building
  • Turnaround Execution

M&A / Investment

  • Advisory
  • Sourcing
  • Brokerage


  • Digital Transformation
  • Digital, Web, App, NFT, Blockchain, Cyber Security, etc. Offshore Development
  • Project Management

Executive Referral /
HR Support / BPO

  • Executive Placement Assistance
  • Flexible System Development Workforce Delivery
  • EOR (Employee of Record)
  • Training Program Development, Execution Support
  • BPO (CAD, Customer Center, EC Backend, etc.)

Highland Creek offers 6 types of professional services.

Our Consulting / Advisory Services offer effective and actionable strategies and executive advices leveraging consulting experience combined with management experiences as CEO of a public company.

Market Entry Services support foreign companies entering Japanese market with its one-stop service lineup starting with Go-to Market Strategy, Partner Search, Investor Search, Distribution Channel Development, Company Registration, Team Building, etc. We also support Japanese companies entering foreign market.

Business Development Services offer tailored Growth Strategies, New Business Development, Sales Support including C-suite access, Expansion of Distribution Channel, and other growth initiatives to Japanese companies and foreign companies already in Japan.

M&A and Investment Services help both acquirors and sellers find right matches directly communicating with decision makers based on Highland Creek’s executive and strategic experiences that enable the company speak the same language as client executives do. Opportunities include Brands, Retailers, Manufacturers, Hospitals, Nurseries, Financial Institutions, Educational Institutions, Commercial Facilities, Hospitality, Accommodations, Resorts, Logistics Centers, Data Centers, Real Estates, to name a few. Acquirors in particular come not only from Japan but also from overseas. Highland Creek also works on partial investment as well as investment in startups for its clients.

Digital Transformation Services are highly demanded from Japanese clients who are in short of system development and implementation capacity internally. Highland Creek supplies digital transformation capacity leveraging its partnership with digital / IT companies overseas. The area of expertise Highland Creek’s partner companies possess consists of AI, Generative AI, Cyber Security, Web3.0, DevOps, App, Blockchain, Metaverse, NFT, AWS and any other digital / IT themes.

Executive / HR Support responds to organizational inquiries from client executives’ specific requests.

In addition to those abovementioned, Highland Creek is always interested in hearing your specific corporate and professional inquiries. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.